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Griffin Tavern draws visitors from all over.  Local wineries, breweries, and bed and breakfasts refer their guests because they trust that their visitors will be provided with excellent service and delicious food prepared with love. 

Comments from nominators of this business include:

This establishment is well run and uniquely reliable in providing great food, great atmosphere, and recognition of special events – whether widely-observed holidays, unique happenings in our area, or personal causes for celebration by regular customers.  One sign of the importance of this business in the lives of its guests is the fact that a number of couples choose to celebrate their weddings there.  The foregoing list of professional accomplishments has accrued to them over its 15 years because of the focus on training for all staff and managers, alongside the setting of expectations that do not contemplate mediocrity. 

The owner believes that a business cannot be of the community unless it gives back to the community.  Because this business draws its clientele from residents throughout our region, as well as visitors to the area, their sense of community reaches well beyond their location.  They have donated food for event, held fundraisers on their premises and otherwise raised and donated funds to support efforts important to the region’s communities, institutions, and individuals in need.  

It is more than a restaurant.  It is more than a business.  It is a place where communities gather, one where community is encouraged to contribute to good causes, and one where the community looks when there is a need for help.